Age Group Prizes?

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It’s the story of the summer 5k. Run a race, your in pretty decent shape and end up winning an age group award. Most of the time, it’s a medal or some sort of paper weight with the race name on it. I want to make this race different. So lets try something different, if you leave a message with an idea and link to somewhere we can get it, we’ll consider having a different prize than a medal.

I’d like to get something practical, that you would like and can use and not just hang up on your wall. So leave your idea’s below and let me know what you have in mind!

Mayfair 5k listings

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This year’s Mayfair 5k is shaping up to be a big one! The race is listed on the local Lehigh Valley Running Scene website, a brand new site that covers all things local. It’s what the area was missing and is growing really fast, so check it out.

Runner’s World and Road ID both have the Mayfair 5k on their websites and we are really getting the word out for this year’s event.

Please continue to spread the word and encourage your family/ coworkers/ neighbor/ pet hamster to join this year’s race. It’s a great, healthy way to kick off the summer and start getting those beach bodies back!

Win Free Entries into Mayfair 5k

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Lehigh Valley Running Scene and Mayfair are teaming up to provide two FREE entries into this year’s Mayfair 5k. Along with a great course, Mayfair 5k is only $15 before May 12th and includes a FREE Shirt. We also have cash prizes and giveaways so leave a comment on LV Running Scene and enter to win now!

5k course map announced

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Ta-da! Here is the course map for the Mayfair 5k. For many of you who ran this in the past, we used to go under the Ott street bridge into the Rose Gardens and return the same way. This year, since it’s being worked on, we will cross Ott street and head into the Rose Gardens.

If you’d like to see a LARGER version of the map, simply click on the image above. It will take you to the large size where you can download it and use it as wallpaper.

The course starts on Ott and Cedar Creek Road. The first half mile is run in Cedar Beach Park where we will make a turn onto Hamilton Street at the gate by Yocco’s. Follow the sidewalk all the way up Hamilton back to Ott Street, turn right and you’ve already run the first mile. Second mile is mainly run in the Rose Gardens, which is currently being paved. Once you leave the Rose Gardens, cross Ott Street and turn left on Hamilton, there isn’t too much farther to go. We will reenter Cedar Beach at the 24th street entrance, and shoot left down the homestretch, ending pretty close to where we started.

Leave comments (above) and let us know what you think.

Mayfair 5k Logo Unveiled

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Introducing this year’s Mayfair 5k logo. Spots are beginning to fill up quickly. The first 150 runners to register will receive t-shirts. We will also have age group prizes and are working on a sweet surprise to cool off when you cross the finish line!

This is going to be the one 5k you want to be around for. Food, prizes, raffles, shirts, and drinks all for just $15 (before May 12th). Don’t wait, register today!

Leave a comment (above) and let us know what you think of the logo.